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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Lead Generation Services

SEO improves your ranking on search engines. We use a combination of industry-leading processes to boost your ranking.  

Our robust SEO tools driving more traffic and leads to your website, which improves your page ranking.


Lead Generation Solutions -Objective

  • To optimize your website's page ranking and page placement on Google's search. By ranking high on Google's pages, sites receive more leads, more visitors, and more business than lower-ranking sites.

Establishing Priorities - SEO Prioritizing-Action Plan

  1. The finding(s) / Item improvement(s)

  2. The suggested improvement

  3. An action plan and an estimate of the overall investment. (The time and resources to implement the improvement for Search as well as searchers and for you to recognize the improvement)

  4. Estimated positive business impact. (Example: improved conversions, improved page ranking)

  5. Plan of how to iterate and improve on the implementation. 


Technical Audit-Items

  1. Internal linking

  2. Crawlability

  3. URL parameters

  4. Server connectivity

  5. Response codes

  6. Technical Audit-Items

  7. Technical Audit Action Plan

Search Audit-Items

  1. Broken down by search queries into categories

  2. Branded example: your domain name

  3. Unbranded example: competitors 

  4. Provide recommendation for the search experience

  5. Search Audit Action Plan



  • ​​We provide you with customized, industry-leading, live, interactive reports with simplified data, so your SEO report isn't a technical data report your left trying to interpret. We offer custom reporting solutions to suit your industry's specific needs. Our reports can consist of an executive summary, expert interpretive analysis, and recommendations; this includes your current objectives, goals, and identify opportunities. Heat mapping and custom funneling provide a clear picture of how users interact on your website are available. We offer a variety of reports to meet your needs. (See the sample report below).  

Analysis and Reporting

  • We offer in-depth reporting and expert interpretive analysis of your Google SEO Analytics.

Technical and Search Audits 

  • We offer a detailed analysis of the technical functions which contribute to your SEO, as well as an in-depth search analysis compiled into one report. 

Periodic Reporting

  • We offer SEO reports hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annually. We provide you precisely the data you need and when you need it. Our most common reporting is monthly, quarterly, and annually. (Requires access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console)

Prior Period Reviews (previous years, months, periods)

  • We offer prior period reviews and reporting and in-depth expert interpretive analysis. This is an excellent resource for establishing your current goals and objectives if you have existing SEO Data. (Requires access to Google Analytics Data)

We Offer Robust Lead Generation Software

  • Connect with your customers, promote your business, automate your workflow, and more with our all-in-one business robust solution. We provide a package of tools to manage and grow your business.

      Connect & Manage

  • Includes all the following tools to help build a relationship with your customers and manage your business: (We can manage and train you on all aspects of this robust software).

Samples of our Google Analytics Reporting.  Our reports are customizable and arrive live and interactive. Click to enlarge.

APC Digital Media Search Console Report
APC Digital Media Search Console Report

Search Console Report

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APC Digital Media Google Analytics Report
APC Digital Media Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics Report

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APC Digital Media Search Console Report
APC Digital Media Search Console Report

Search Console Report

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