IT Services

APC Digital & IT Services and Consulting

Managed IT Services

Initial Evaluation and Recommendations
Remote Session Technical Support
Technical Support and System Management
Software Training and Computer Training
MS Office Training & Support
Dedicated Help Desk Support Services
Creating System Policies for Compliance
System Management and Monitoring 

System Upgrades, Hard Drives, Memory (RAM)
Networking and Network Management (Businesses, Homes)
System Deployment/New System Installations
Wi-Fi Network Setup
Wi-Fi Access Points/Wi-Fi Extenders and Boosters
Server Management
Management of Networked Devices
System Backup/Network Backup
Data Recovery
Enterprise Level Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and 
Ransomware Software

Managed IT Services for all your computers, IT infrastructure, networked devices, IT management, network support, security management, proactive preventative maintenance, system administration, live real-time monitoring, live remote support, and our helpdesk support portal encompasses the core Managed IT Services we provide.  APC Digital is certified to complete compliance audits.


Deploying our Managed IT Services - Translates into increased productivity, reduced stress, and ends the cycle of broken technology and IT emergencies.    


APC Digital & IT provides customized and specialized industry-specific IT Solutions. Contact Us for information about how we can help you.